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Banjul n : a port city and capital of Gambia [syn: capital of Gambia]

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Banjul (formerly Bathurst), officially The City of Banjul, is the capital of The Gambia, and located within the division of the same name. The population of the city proper is only 34,828, with the Greater Banjul Area, which includes the City of Banjul and the Kanifing Municipal Council, at a population of 357,238 (2003 census). It is located on St Mary's Island (Banjul Island) where the Gambia River enters the Atlantic Ocean. The island is connected to the mainland by passenger and vehicle ferries to the north and bridges to the south. Banjul is located at 13°28' North, 16°36' West (13.4667, -16.60).


In 1816, the British founded Banjul as a trading post and base for suppressing the slave trade. It was first named Bathurst after Henry Bathurst, the secretary of the British Colonial Office, but was changed to Banjul in 1973.
On July 22, 1994, Banjul was the scene of a bloodless military coup d'etat in which President Dawda Jawara was overthrown and replaced by the country's current (and twice reelected) President Yahya Jammeh. To commemorate this event, Arch 22 was built as an entrance portal to the capital. The gate is 35 meters tall and the centre of an open square. It houses a textile museum.
Attractions in the city include the Gambian National Museum, the Albert Market, Banjul State House, Banjul Court House, two cathedrals and several major mosques.


Banjul is the main urban area of The Gambia and holds the country's economic and administrative center including the Central Bank of The Gambia. As the fourth most densely populated country in Africa, The Gambia has more than one urban area. Peanut processing is the country's principal industry, but bee's wax, palm wood, palm oil, and skins and hides are also shipped from its port. Ferries sail from Banjul to Barra. The city is served by the Banjul International Airport. Banjul is on the Trans-West African Coastal Highway connecting it to Dakar and Bissau (Guinea-Bissau), and will eventually provide a paved highway link to 11 other nations of ECOWAS.


Banjul Division (Greater Banjul Area) is divided into 2 districts:

Twinned cities

Banjul is twinned with Grimsby in the UK and Newark, New Jersey in the United States. It is the destination of the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, a charity road rally.


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